Make Effective Use WhatsApp As a Channel

Power up lead generation and relationship building on mobile for your clients

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Forget Email and SMS!

WhatsApp is now a primary channel, so attract and nurture with high-impact campaigns that support strong calls to action.

Engage and Nurture

Acquire, nurture and upsell using powerful chatbots and APIs, commerce integrations and customer intelligence.

Integrate your CRM

Drive campaigns by integrating your favorite CRM - think of it as enterprise marketing management for WhatsApp.

Personalized Promotions

Design and message with personalized offers at scale to maximize engagement across your CRM data.

Intelligent Auto-Response

Auto-respond intelligently by designing chatbots built to follow logical workflows and the ability to escalate to sales teams.

Add to your Agency Stack

Native and custom integrations for your existing tools, CRMs, Google Sheets, and anything else in your software stack.

Maximize WhatsApp as a channel

  • Support clients above the line with branded lead-gen awareness and consideration communications.
  • Drive below the line conversions through sales promotions and offers using rich media on mobile.

Partner with LuluChat

  • Recommend LuluChat to clients for digital services that drive lead generation and support nurturing and engagement.
  • Own your clients’ LuluChat accounts directly, providing WhatsApp channel communication as an outsourced service.

Added Value From Efficiency and Support

  • Customize configurations so that LuluChat delivers the best data for your clients.
  • Get reporting that supports the value your agency provides.

Grow your business with LuluChat

Get your WhatsApp Automation to Level Up your Business.

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