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Grow sales using WhatsApp’s big presence in developing markets

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WhatsApp Chat

Add a WhatsApp chat button on your website, Facebook, and Instagram ads to invite queries from highly qualified leads.

Automated Chatbots

Start automated conversations right after signup with LuluChat’s easy-to-build chatbots that can be built using a drag-and-drop interface.

Build Relationships Fast

Instantaneous conversations with customers help build relationships fast, preventing lead leakage and lost sales.

Route Qualified Leads

Qualify and route your leads to the right place to ensure they are handled by the most appropriate team members.

Personalized Promotions

Design and message with personalized offers at scale to maximize engagement across your CRM data.

Integrate Your Tools

Native and custom integrations for your favorite tools, CRMs, helpdesks, and anything else in your software stack.

Fast-Track Your Revenue


More effective sales qualifications

with CRM integrations and automation


Faster lead distribution

with instant routing to available agents or dedicated account managers


Faster sales cycles

when the right customers are moved down the sales funnel swiftly

Grow Your Sales

  • Broadcast general sales information at scale with WhatsApp pre-approved message templates for awareness and consideration.
  • Target specific segments of contact data with personalized offers to drive increased sales conversion.

Automate and Collaborate

  • Unify and better organize responses to customer sale inquiries and engagement activities.
  • Work smarter with automated and integrated tech that delivers more value.

Increase Team Efficiency

Smart supporting automation, reply templates, and enhancements allow your team to focus on the best customer experience.

Help Your Customers 24/7

Automate responses to frequently asked questions or pre-qualify new contacts with a chatbot to spend more time on complex tasks. The integrated human handover supports you to offer service without chat dead ends.

Analyze and Optimize

Never lose sight of your team and your service performance. With our in-depth analytics, it's easy to track and improve your KPIs continuously.

Grow your business with LuluChat

Get your WhatsApp Automation to Level Up your Business.

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