Custom Notifications Automate Workflow

Send automated notifications to your customers through WhatsApp

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Open Rates

5x more than Emails & SMS!


Click Rates

7x more than Emails & SMS!


Response Rates

6x more than Emails & SMS

98% Open Rate

Order and Appointment Notification

  • Compared to 25% email open rate, WhatsApp lets you communicate with customers in a more effective way.
  • Customize your appointment confirmation by sending a WhatsApp message automatically to your customers.

Shipping Notification

Re-Engage with Existing Customers

  • Notify your customers through order notifications, confirm order or delivery details, and so on to enhance customer experience.
  • Establish a relationship with your customers on WhatsApp to facilitate future promotions.

Send Shipping WhatsApp Notifications

  • Send automated shipping notifications after every sale has been completed to your customers so that they can track their orders throughout the process!

Send Relevant Upsell Messages to Customer’s WhatsApp

  • If your product needs repeated usage for a longer period to get results, then why not ask the customer to re-order? Great for increasing the lifetime value of the customer.

Order Confirmation WhatsApp Messages that Sell

  • Your customers pay the most attention to the order confirmation message because it’s the first message they receive after making the payment.

Alert Customers and Contacts of Relevant Deals

  • Notify customers of special offers and discounted prices.
  • Offer specific customers or prospects tailored deals to help maximize conversion.

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