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CSAT rating for agent support

  • Build interest in new models or used car deals via throttled information on WhatsApp marketing campaigns
  • Segment customers by interests, past purchases or buyer behavior for retargeting
  • Broadcast special offers on messaging apps to target audiences instantly or schedule them in advance
  • Hit high open and click-through rates when you use the right channels

Initiate Cruise Control for Sales

  • Drive sales inquiries with strategic click-to-chat ads, chat links and QR codes
  • Create VIP routes such as dedicated service for high-value clients
  • Automate your sales pipeline, from sales qualification to deal creation
  • Send 1:1 transactional or bulk notifications for everything from delivery updates to restock alerts

  • Offer 24/7 support with self-service options like automated FAQs, access to a human agent or a mix of both
  • Impress customers when you recognize them on any channel and always have their full context at hand
  • Enable seamless support escalations or intervene if agents hit any bumps
  • Recalibrate support weak points identified in agents' chat records, NPS or CSAT ratings and performance analytics

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