Seamless Collaboration With The Team

Use the same platform across teams for better customer support workflow.

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Organize Teams

Create teams and assign conversations to users.

Manage Contacts

Powerful contact management prevents missed opportunities.

Start Conversations

See all messages, threads and conversations.

Organize Users and Teams

  • Create WhatsApp teams of users for sales, support, or day and night shifts.
  • Add collaborators to the same chat to receive shared WhatsApp notifications and provide prompt support.

Collaborate Seamlessly Across Teams

  • Write internal notes enabling colleagues to take over conversations without hassle.

Maximize your WhatsApp Inbox Productivity

  • Organize your messages into custom tabs and set your workflow in seconds

Set WhatsApp Reminders

  • Remind team members of an important task or event.
  • It is a convenient and quick way to send a reminder to team members having to call or text them.
  • Never miss follow-ups ever gain by setting an alert

Label Your Contacts

  • Label your customers from purchasing behaviors, and demographics.
  • Generated data for analysis and improving your customer relations.

Quick Responses

  • Easily set up canned responses, so you can send customers quick WhatsApp answers to recurring questions without typing.

Grow your Business with LuluChat

Get your WhatsApp Automation to Level Up your Business.

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